Property Care and

Covid 19 Update

Top Hat is fully operational providing Emergency 24/7 and Essential services to our clients. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly walk-throughs of unoccupied homes continue with mail pick up and forwarding services available. Please reach out to 212-706-0300 to discover the benefits of being a client.

“Top Hat managed my brownstone for 18 months before it was sold. They were very consumer friendly, working with me and with two very different tenants. Top Hat’s staff was knowledgeable about the multiplicity of property systems, from elevators to HVAC; and was proficient on both minor and major repairs. Equally supportive in emergency situations as well as for small issues, their service enabled me to sleep better at night.”

– Paul W., Former NYC Eastside Townhouse Owner

Residential Services

Whether you plan to live in your townhouse or brownstone forever, are currently searching for a property, or are about to move into a new co-op or condo, Top Hat residential services are invaluable when negotiating the complexities of urban ownership. We know how to care for your home, where to find what you need and how best to realize your ideas.

Top Hat’s Annual Advantage Program Includes Yearly Comprehensive Home Assessments.

We catch concerns before they become major problems and prevent potential damage further down the road. Monthly benefits incorporate inspections and proactive maintenance, and include:   

  • General roof-to-basement visual inspection
  • Check of all exterior and interior drains for blockages or slow drainage (includes kitchens, bathrooms, sump pump operations, gutters and downspouts)
  • Check of the façade, roof, and exterior walls
  • Review of dryer vent lines and appliance grills
  • and can include house wide bulb check and replacement, and other services customized to your home

We also attend to:

  • Site visits with subcontractors, vendors, architects or designers to determine action plans
  • Proposals for non-contractual needs and customized services
  • Discounted rates for project management and contracting

In addition to the included benefits, Top Hat provides:

Guaranteed 24/7 Emergency Response

Top Hat gets to know your property through proactive maintenance so that potential emergencies are anticipated and resolved. We also understand that when unforeseen complications come up, they require immediate attention. Therefore, Annual Advantage clients receive guaranteed 24/7/365 priority emergency services when they call our emergency phone line.

Handyman Repairs

No matter what the need, our handymen will be there. Let us help you complete some of those lingering projects: hanging pictures, repairing cabinets, doors and screens, painting, and updating technology. Whether the project is large or small, Top Hat is the team that helps.

Home Repair and Lifestyle Support

Top Hat’s large portfolio of preferred service providers and specialists in home repair and lifestyle support are at your disposal. These include:

  • Furniture repair and restoration
  • Fabric cleaning and conservation
  • Stone maintenance, cleaning and repair
  • Window replacement, repair and cleaning
  • Rodent extermination and removal
  • Home automation
  • Residential and personal organization
  • General and extreme cleaning
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Carpentry
  • Custom and faux painting

Seasonal Maintenance

Need your snowy walkways shoveled? Is your boiler heating efficiently? Does your garden require an irrigation system? Want to convert to central air conditioning? We help you weather the seasons without worry.

Customized Services

We are your assistants for almost any home service, including packing or unpacking, AV setups, installation of security systems, configuring electronics, cabling and networking, or creating a home theater. Top Hat also responds to your Quality of Life needs.

Top Hat helpers even wait for deliveries when you need to be elsewhere.

Client Advocate

When the need comes up, Top Hat acts as your representative. We work with your architect, designer, and subcontracted vendors and service providers. We also represent you with insurance companies, NYC utilities, and government agencies, should the need arise. Top Hat resolves your problems by eliminating the stress and headache of home ownership.