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Property Care and

Covid 19 Update

Top Hat is fully operational providing Emergency 24/7 and Essential services to our clients. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly walk-throughs of unoccupied homes continue with mail pick up and forwarding services available. Please reach out to 212-706-0300 to discover the benefits of being a client.

”Since we bought the Townhouse, Top Hat has been there for us. Having the same multi-expert team that knows our home, available 24/7 is very comforting. Just one call or e-mail away, Top Hat makes it easy to keep on top of our home-care concerns, even from halfway around the world.”

– Vitaliy V., International Manager of Central Park West Townhouse

Management Services

Luxury Townhouse | Brownstone | Condo | Loft Management Services

Top Hat provides residential customers with a team of attentive and reliable home services professionals. Maintenance and repairs offered run the gamut from simple structural upkeep to building management, and from individualized refinements to complete residential makeovers.

The Home Management Professionals

We pride ourselves on the high level of integrity and robust standards that we apply to every job for each Top Hat customer.

Comprehensive communication is our distinctive strength: you always know the status of all work, repairs, and projects through our daily pre- and post-work briefings. Our managers understand that client satisfaction is an important facet of successful projects being completed on time, on budget, and as intended.

Whether you plan to live in your home forever, are currently searching for a property, or are about to move into a new home, Top Hat residential services are invaluable when negotiating the complexities of urban ownership and city bureaucracy. We know the ins and outs of government protocols and permits, where to find what you need and how best to realize your ideas.

All services provided by Top Hat staff are fully guaranteed for one year from the date of completion.