" Richard Herman and Gary Mindlin, TOP HAT HOME SERVICES founders

Property Care and

Covid 19 Update

Top Hat is fully operational providing Emergency 24/7 and Essential services to our clients. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly walk-throughs of unoccupied homes continue with mail pick up and forwarding services available. Please reach out to 212-706-0300 to discover the benefits of being a client.

“Richard has been my contractor for over 15 years and he is my go-to-guy when I need help with complex issues in my home. I was thrilled when he co-founded Top Hat, because now I have a home services company that has Richard’s focused, problem-solving approach. It’s a win-win for me!”

– Shelly C., Penthouse Owner, Upper West Side

“I am totally comfortable calling Gary when I have ANY questions about my client’s building. Even when I need a service not provided by Top Hat, Gary always has the answer or finds it for me from his vast network of vendors. It’s great to have such an approachable person in my corner.”

– Alisa I., Personal Assistant to Eastside Townhouse Owner

Executive Management for NYC Properties

richardRichard Herman – Founder and Managing Partner

Richard Herman is one of New York’s premier contractors (DCA# 0959159). He is an expert in interior and exterior building repairs, as well as home improvement. As the head of Richard Construction—the Top Hat contracting component—he consistently exceeds client expectations by providing meticulous on-time/on-budget services. Richard specializes in problem-solving and troubleshooting. He has earned a solid reputation in the industry and is often called in on complex projects to solve the unsolvable.

Richard has had several careers previous to his contracting profession. Each has revolved around delivering what clients need, when they need it. As a newspaperman at The New York Times for 10 years, Richard was responsible for getting daily stories in on time. The presses don’t wait. This experience has inspired his rare ability to finish contracting projects when promised.

Richard also spent 10 years as a portrait photographer, so he understands both beauty and character. For the past 30 years in his private life, Richard has been managing apartments for his family holdings, as well as serving as board president of a 135-unit co-op building.


garyGary Mindlin – Founder and Managing Partner

Gary Mindlin is a licensed contractor (DCA# 1212615) and holds an MBA in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business. Gary developed his management skills in the operations division of Manufacturers Hanover Trust and in the event and commercial auctioneering industries. He works “hands on” and is known for doing whatever is necessary to get quality projects completed to each client’s satisfaction.

Gary is the main ambassador of Top Hat Home Services. His ability to see the big picture helps keep the Top Hat mission—of exceeding clients’ expectations—precisely on course. Before co-founding Top Hat, Gary built organizations that delivered world-class customer service by providing clients with the right solutions to meet their business needs. Gary ran the Customer Service Group for TIBCO Financial Services and was the Director of Operations for the Reuters Consulting Group. Gary is also the past president of the Lincoln Towers Community Association and is currently the president of a Lincoln Towers 450-unit co-op building.