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Property Care and

Covid 19 Update

Top Hat is fully operational providing Emergency 24/7 and Essential services to our clients. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly walk-throughs of unoccupied homes continue with mail pick up and forwarding services available. Please reach out to 212-706-0300 to discover the benefits of being a client.

“I lived in my house for over 50 years. I wanted to make sure it was in good condition for the next owner and Top Hat helped me bring my home up to current standards. The work Top Hat did was great and our home sold quickly.”

– Alan E., Upper Eastside Townhouse Owner

Seller Consulting

Your Real Estate Broker will be able to advise you, and Top Hat can turn that advice into a reality!

When it is time to sell your New York City townhouse, brownstone, condo or investment property, Top Hat can be a valuable asset. We will consult with you and your broker to determine what, if any, changes should be made to make your asset more marketable. Sometimes, investing a little money results in a significantly higher sale price and a quicker sale. For instance, if you’ve turned a bedroom into a den, returning it to a bedroom can increase value and speed a sale. Perhaps your home would benefit from staging or a new coat of paint. Minor repairs can make all the difference when it comes to selling property.

If your listing is stuck, adding a Top Hat Annual Advantage contract to the sale adds value and gives you an advantage.

At those unexpected moments, will the property be ready for viewing?

Thanks to Top Hat’s proactive maintenance, problems are anticipated and resolved. Yet, an air conditioner can fail, the boiler may go silent or a leak may sprout, contact us for a quick response that will keep your property in salable condition.

Local and international investors/owners are both happy and relieved when you recommend 24/7 concierge-type services for their condo, townhouse, brownstone or small building. Homeowners, who are absent or not wanting the many worries of the day-to-day running of their homes, will enjoy the feel of a private, full-service building without the worries of ownership.