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Covid 19 Update

Top Hat is fully operational providing Emergency 24/7 and Essential services to our clients. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly walk-throughs of unoccupied homes continue with mail pick up and forwarding services available. Please reach out to 212-706-0300 to discover the benefits of being a client.

FAQs on Townhouse and Brownstone Management

FAQsQ.   Why does Top Hat Home Services have an Annual Advantage Program?

A.   The Annual Advantage Program allows Top Hat to deliver year-round priority service to our townhouse and brownstone owner members at a favorable rate. Our highly skilled staff will be there when you need them.


Q.   You say “no project is too small.” Do you really mean it?

A.   Our business is to help you get luxury property services done. All of us have projects that have been placed on the back burner because of a lack of time or energy or skill. This could be hanging a mirror, repairing a door or replacing a light bulb that is 15 feet off the ground. Our job is to help you shorten your To-Do List, no matter what the project. All you have to do is ask.


Q.   What are Top Hat’s Waiting Services?

A.   A lack of time is often the greatest hindrance to getting your needed projects done!  In your absence, our staff will wait for deliveries or oversee vendors and service providers coming to your home. You can rest assured that our bonded employees will treat your home as if it were their own. Our staff will make certain that work being done by an outside vendor is completed according to your instructions. No more worrying if the delivery arrived in good condition or what the repairman really did and how long it took him. We are your advocates.


Q.   When do you go to outside contractors for repairs and renovations?

A.   We evaluate every job to determine what is required. If we can’t take care of it ourselves, we will let you know right away and will find the best professionals who can. We don’t pretend to be licensed electricians or plumbers, but we do know the appropriate pros to call in.


Q.   How do you help in locating unusual or hard-to-find products or services?

A.   For over 25 years we have been building a network of sources to quickly find products and services that could take you days to find. Top Hat has the resources or will do the research to find the resources. So you don’t have to.


Q.   I have had a hard time finding the right home insurance coverage for my townhouse. Can you help?

A.   Yes, Top Hat has alliances with insurance brokers who specialize in providing insurance to townhouse, brownstone and other residential owners.


Q.   Your brochures say that you can even help with home electronics installation and training, even with new and complex devices and systems. What are your limits?

A.   We like to refer to ourselves as “technology geeks” and have spent many years learning to master new gadgets. We also recognize that we have limitations, however, and know when to recommend others who are more knowledgeable. We find the right person for the job, no matter what!


Q.   I’ll be out of town for a month. Can Top Hat care for my property while I’m away?

A.   We will check your home while you’re away and take care of any problems that come up. On call 24/7, we will respond immediately if the alarm company receives an alert that the boiler isn’t working or a window is broken. We will make certain that we know how to work with your service providers. Your property is in good hands and you can leave town with peace of mind.


Q.   How do I recognize a Top Hat Home Services representative?

A.   All Top Hat employees wear Top Hat uniforms.